Saturday, October 22, 2016 – Long Run

On Saturday, October 22nd we meet at we meet at the Panera’s on Lake Mary Blvd. The GPS address is:1210 S International Parkway, Lake Mary, FL 32746. (link to map)

The full marathon group is doing 12 miles and the half marathon group is doing 7 miles.

All groups will head north. We are taking the bridge over I4! Look for the arrow sign at about 2 miles. Turn right to go over the bridge. Continue on the trail. Cross Rhinehart Road and turn right to head south on the trail.

Full Marathon: Take the Pedestrian Bridge over Lake Mary Blvd. Continue south. Just after you pass Lake Mary Blvd, cross Rhinehart Road again to continue south on the trail. Turn left on Green Way Blvd. Go approximately .15 miles to the sign (6 miles)

Half Marathon: turn around at the sign at Manderley Run. (3.5 miles).

The Coach Robb Energy Fuel jug and a small water jug will be at the intersection of Rhinehart and the Post Office. The larger water jug will be at Panera’s.