Our Coaches

Brad Bissonette

Organizer - USA FIT Orlando

Welcome to USA FIT Orlando! Join us! You can walk, run-walk, or run. Whatever your goal, there is a pace group for you with USA FIT Orlando.


Lucas Henderson

Assistant Coach - Full Marathon - Green Group

I started running with OFit a little over three years ago after Coach Colleen invited me for a run.  Even though I struggled with the distances at first, I stayed with the program and have since completed numerous 5 and 10K races, five marathons, six 1/2 marathons, and one 50K race. I also passed the one year mark of running at least two miles every day.  The advice and friendships that I have made is the best part of this group and it’s what keeps me motivated on the early morning runs.

Carol Jackson

Assistant Coach - Hydration

Hope you are ready to have some fun this year all while accomplishing your goals!  USA Fit Orlando was just the thing I needed so I could reach my goal of running my first marathon last year at age 56.  I don’t have much running history – here and there throughout the years, and a race or two occasionally.  It’s only been recently that I’ve had a lot more focus.  Challenged by my son and encouraged by friends, I joined USA Fit Orlando and not only completed the Disney marathon but have since run a ½ marathon, 15k, 10k and several 5ks.  Running is fun!  I also enjoy strength training, spinning and yoga – great complements to running. I am really excited to be coaching this year to encourage the new runners and support our returning members.


Lisa Edwards

Head Coach - Red Group

Welcome to USA Fit Orlando! I had already started changing my life by losing weight and walking but I wanted to go beyond just completing a 5k. I started with USA Fit 3 years ago and have far surpassed what I ever thought I could accomplish.  I was able to meet my goal of completing (injury free) Dopey (Disney’s 5k,10k,1/2 and Full Marathon in 4 days) with the help and encouragement from my fellow Dopey’s and USA Fit members Carol, Julie, Christina, Krissy, and Erin. More important than accomplishing this task, I realized I learned so much more by being a part of this group.  I made some great friends, had fun, got some bling, and in the process felt better about myself.


Brad Bissonette

Head Coach - Orange Group

I started running in 2007 as I decided to run the Walt Disney World Marathon.  I joined USA Fit Orlando with no previous running experience and 13 years of very minimal physical activity and 6 months later I completed the full marathon.  After my first marathon I became the head coach of the Red group and helped many others train and complete the marathon.  I have run 10 full marathons and over 20 half marathons along with many other races since I started running.  In my spare time I enjoy cycling, golf, cooking, and playing with my two dogs.   I am looking forward  to coaching again this year and helping you achieve your goals!